Meital de Razon

Meital De Razon is a singer song writer, one of the –music scene’s top vocalists. Moving from House to soulful music Meital has shown an endless veriaty as a recording performing artist. Music is Meital De Razon’s first love. Meital has been writing, singing, and composing music since the age of six. It is her captivating voice, diverse productions and styles that have attracted the attention of the world’s most respected producers. Her tune with Flash Brothers „More Than You Know“ on Armada Records gave Armin Van Buuren „goosebumps“ and placed the tune to #4 out of Top 15 tracks on the ASOT collection. Meital’s collaboration with Offer Nissim and Epiphony on Star 69 Records with „Out of My Skin“ to this day remains #2 on iTunes downloads for Offer Nissim music and was #1 for 24 straight weeks on Radio Beat Mexico. Her Duo Project alongside Itay Kalderon and Offer Nissin has won her global success and the love of fans worldwide.

Her collaboration with Chaim on Bpitch Control with „Love Rehab“ has been „one of biggest underground house releases of 2010“ according to DJ MAG and was #1 on Ibiza Radio for 4 straight weeks.

2012 positions Meital De Razon for her solo debut with Hot collaborations with Dance stars Tom Boxer & Morena that are getting released worldwide. Her sensational single „You You“ on Slanted Black Records with remixes from John Creamer, Alex Sayz, Luca Ricci, and Jason Chance. Another new collaboration with The Flash Brothers, Italy’s champ Andrea Bertolini and more surprises that are being worked at the moment between Meital De Razon & other well known producers that were captivated by her unique vocal capabilities.

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