Djane Taylor Cruz

Taylor Cruz
Taylor Cruz is an internationally renowned DJ, producer and remixer
from Basel, Switzerland.
Talking about Taylor Cruz is synonymous of the best quality sound,
powerful rhythm and hypnotic melodies that groove from the first second
to the last in each of her tracks and DJ sets. She has the ability to
enchant the party-goers with her eclectic and energetic sets which have
their roots in house and tribal sounds and as a former drummer she
understands perfectly well how to put the drums on point.
She has released her own musical productions with much success
recognized by professionals and signed by labels such as Guareber
Recordings, Queen House Music, Audio4play, EPride Music Digital,
Pump Records with a long-lasting #1 hit and Guy Scheiman Music. Her
own productions regularly reach top positions on the charts and her
remixes are an integral part on the tour.