DJ/Producer Lucas Flamefly (E)

DJ LUCAS FLAMEFLY started as a shy producer of bootlegs that exploded online among gay circuit DJs in 2004. Originally from Sao Paulo, Brazil, He moved to the USA where he spent some time spinning on cruise ships around the Caribbean, then back to Europe where he settled in Madrid, Spain.

In 2012 he had his successful debut in „KLUSTER“, then the biggest and most influential gay club in town.

Ever since his sound has lit up club dance floors like a million „fireflies“ not only in Spain but all over Europe, South and North America and even further in Oceania and Middle East. Portugal, France, Switzerland, Ireland, Netherlands, Italy, Austria, Slovenia, Belgium, UK, Turkey, The Emirates, Australia, Chile, Canada, Lebanon, Mexico, United States and back round full circle to his home land in Brazil, where he is an exclusive DJ of the almighty brand “The Week”.