DJ Producer Phil Romano

Phil Romano (born in Rome, 1979 December 4), started his career as an athlete. At the age of 19 he moved to Australia, Melbourne, where he spent the early year assimilating a complete new culture that in the future would give him the open mind he puts in his dj set world wide famous.


In 2002 moves to the USA, Los Angeles, enlarging his experiences and meeting new people, essential ingredient that will lead him to move his first steps towards becoming a DJ, this great mixture of life experiences will create in him the will of bringing to the dance floor what he calls the Atlantic Sound, beats that are born by the fusion of styles that he loved and that can only be expressed by creating a brand new one.


He just comes back to Europe, became resident dj for BILLY Club in Milan, DBUMP, MUCCASSASSINA and Gayvillage Rome, La Demence Brussels, Circuit festival and WE party in Spain. He has been playing around the world as guest in all the major gay clubs and festivals to name some: IBIZA, TEL AVIV, LONDON, PARIS, DUBAI, NYC, RIO DE JANEIRO, SAO PAULO, MADRID, TORONTO, MONTREAL, HONG KONG, TAIPEI, and so on.

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