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DJ Carlos Gallardo

[fbshare]Carlos Gallardo was born in Barcelona (Spain), where he started DJ-ing. At his 21 years he went to Mallorca (Spain) and began his own radio show in a famous house radio. He worked in the best discos of the island and started working all around the country in important places as Space, EiBiSi, Amnesia, Space, Pacha… Soon he started his career as a producer, some of his tracks in collaboration with the international singer Michele McCain, releasing on Disc Doctor Records.

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DJ Ben Manson

DJ Ben Manson

[fbshare]Ben Manson has become synonymous with the Parisian electronic scene. He started his career in 1998 in private parties during Paris fashion week. Remark in 2003 by Walkgroup, The famous agency will offer him to play or to have a residency in all the major night temples of the city of light!!! From Queen club to Mix via Folies Pigalles, Cab, Gibus,… And today Wake Up! The best afterhours in town where he mixes every month a special XL session of 8 hours and of course Scream the party which transform Ben from drummer to dj.

With his unique touch and his feeling with the clubbers he started to play with some of the most notable international djs including : David Morales, Victor Calderone, Chus & Ceballos, Deep Dish, John Digweed, Wally Lopez, Above & Beyond, Junior Vasquez, Peter Rauhofer, Offer Nissim, Tom Stephane, David Guetta, Miss Honey Dijon, Smokin’Jo, Roger Sanchez, Lissat and Voltaxx, Ivan Pica,… & Many more.

Since years now, he has taken the world from his residence at LAB’s (His own party) at Scream (Paris), La Démence / Fuse (Brussels), Warehouse (Amsterdam) to his gigs all around the world: Cologne, Berlin, London, Madrid, Roma, Montreal, Milano, Moscow, Warsaw, Vienna, Singapour,Tokyo, Barcelona, Rio, Sao Paulo, Zurich,… He spreads his beats all around the world.

Since 2008 Ben also produces music. His first track „From Hell To Paradise“ was dropped on Factomania (Wally Lopez’s label) and has been followed by some massive remixes for Dj Chus on Stereo Productions, D-formation on BeatFreak Recordings, Pagano on Kult Records,… And many more on Sorry Shoes, Vamos, GT2, Matinée, E-Ibiza…

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DJ-GSP[fbshare]DJ GSP (alias George Spiliopoulos) has been DJing in Greece for many years in the most important events and major clubs, until the winter 2010 when he started exporting his talent in UK wowing the London clubbers regularly in BEYOND, GRAVITY, GIGOLO and ONYX. His style is mostly Tech and Progressive House with a touch of Tribal and Spanish vocals.

What made him popular to the international scene was his residency in XLSIOR FESTIVAL (Mykonos) since 2011. He has also played for WE Party and many clubs all over Europe.June 2012 was the break through for the next level as he was the Main DJ at the Opening Party of WE Pride Madrid 2012 and on the XLSIOR float during the Pride Walk were he received amazing feedback from the most demanding crowd. He also had his first gig at Circuit Festival 2012 (Barcelona). He is considered to be one the Best European Circuit DJs having already played in cities like London, Paris, Vienna, Barcelona, Madrid, Athens, Dubai, Mykonos, Rome, Milan, Nicossia, Pafos, Larnaka, Agia Napa. Next gigs include Cologne, Beirut and New York.

As a producer has released a remix of „ELEVEN PARADISE-Sock it to me“ in 2013 through Guareber Records and produced with Dani Toro and Vocalist Soraya Naoyin the official song of XLSIOR Festival „I just wanna have fun“ which will be released soon. So is his new original production with Australian DJ/Producer Adam Watts with the support and remixes of Pagano, Steve Pitron and Dani Toro.



DJ John Dixon

DJ John DixonJOHN DIXON (Jean-Luc Caron) est un DJ/Producteur qui s’est imposé sur la scène parisienne depuis une dizaine d’années. Avec un son mêlant des influences house/underground & psy-progressive, il a su créer un style reconnaissable entre tous.

Résident des incontournables afters parisiens UNDER, de La Démence à Bruxelles et de la soirée La Garçonnière à Lyon, il a rapidement été sollicité pour mixer dans d’autres soirées de renom international telles que PAPA Party, BEEF Jerky à Tel-Aviv, Flash à Zurich, Green-Komm et Cock-Pit à Cologne, le célèbre Circuit Festival à Barcelone, Gay Village à Rome, Angel à Madrid et encore beaucoup d’autres soirées mondialement reconnues.

Co-fondateur et producteur de SENS DIVISION, JOHN DIXON a su imposer son style dans de nombreuses soirées en Europe ainsi que sur la scène gay internationale.

Depuis ses débuts, JOHN DIXON ne cesse d’explorer des univers musicaux différents, à la recherche de sons nouveaux. Son but : offrir un supplément d’âme à des mixes qui doivent rester gravés dans l’esprit des clubbers comme de véritables voyages.

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DJ Louis de Fumer

dj Louis de Fumer[fbshare]Alle guten Dinge sind drei. Somit erklärt sich auch gleich von selber warum die Jungs vom Studio 91 DJ-Team meistens zu dritt hinter den Plattenspielern anzutreffen sind. Die Kombo bestehend aus den DJs Louis de Fumer, A.C.K. und Marc Morris verstehen es, jedem Tanzbein den Stillstand zu kündigen.

Mit einem unverwechselbaren Mix aus Club Classics, House und Hip Hop spielt sich das Studio91 DJ-Team direkt an die Spitze ihrer Zunft. Dabei darf weder die gute, alte Platte aus “Vaters Zeiten” noch der aktuelle Chartbreaker fehlen. Wie bei einem Ping Pong Spiel der Elite mischen sie die verschiedenen Genres zusammen und lassen ein völlig neues Sound-Bild entstehen, welches die Meute jeweils bis zum Morgengrauen ihre Kalorien verbrennen lässt.


DJ Angel O.

DJ Angel O.[fbshare]DJ Angel O. was born on the 1977 and he got a wonderful birthday-gift: His mother is a fan of every kind of music and listens to it the whole day – and so did little Angelo. No wonder he already became a DJ even if he didn’t even know the meaning of the words “Disc Jockey”: At the age of 6 he already sat in front of the recorder and “mixed” his own “demo-tapes” – with only one record player, one song after the other. When he got 9 years old, he bought his first vinyl. Angelo plays for his guests and not for himself – he plays always for his audience. Nothing brings more pleasure to him but seeing, how his guest dance and celebrate to his music and so, over the years, he’s got the right feeling for playing the right music at the right time. “I play every kind of house music; from calm sounds to Deep House and big beats to “Big Room House”. I’ve got everything”.

But he isn’t a DJ that plays only charts: “the sounds they play on the radio charts I don’t play. But I know that my guests like it, when they recognize certain songs. If my guests feel comfortable, I do.” And the guests seem to like it: Angelo was one of the few Swiss. “This gig was one of the highlights in my career as a DJ”.

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