DJ Micky Friedmann (DE)

12 years ago when Micky Friedmann moved to Berlin to join the ´Berlin Ballet ´as a soloist dancer. He bought himself a set of decks and started spinning just for fun for friends and private parties.

Music and dance were always a part of Micky´s life. He ended his Ballet career 7 years ago and through his friendship with DJ Junior Vasquez in New York, he decided to pursue his DJ career which took off to an international level rapidly and in 2007 he was signed a management contract with ´Madtizzy ´productions in New York.
In the USA and Canada Micky is considered to be one of the upcoming important new names in the ´Circuit´ scene. Working together with important DJ´s such as Chus & Ceballos, Tony Moran, Chris Cox, Abel, Offer Nissim, Ana Paula, the Freemasons, Juanjo Martin and Carlos Gallardo.

In Europe Micky is spinning in some of the most important and influential clubs and parties: The WEEK Sao Paulo, Alegria New York, Space of Sound Madrid, Super beach & Supermartxe Ibiza, Matinee ´Circuit Festival´ Barcelona, ´Hustlaball´ Berlin & London, Gay Village Rome, Prism festival Toronto and ´La Demence ´ Brussels. In June 2007 his compilation ´Instinct – love & pride ´ was produced by EMI records.

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