Thanks to everybody who contributed to the great success of the splendid WHITE PARTY EMPIRE 2018. Thanks to the team of Flashlight Event und Mediatechnik AG und to the x-tra Team for the great work and cooperation. Thanks to Jason Walker for the amazing show and thanks to the great DJs: DJ Jack Chang, DJ Joe Gauthreaux, DJ Suri, DJ Gauy Scheiman, DJ Saeed Ali, DJ Karl Kay, DJ Allysson Luis, DJ Jordan Rag, DJ Tyra Starlight and DJ Ricardo Ruhga, you guys are incredible! Thanks to all the dancers: You guys were amazing with your great energy and presence. The night was perfect. Big kiss and thanks to everyone who came to celebrate and support the ANGELS WHITE PARTY WEEKEND. Thank you, our Angels, you made this weekend unforgettable.

See you at the Black Party Mirror (Cologne Pride, Germany), The Backdoor presents Angels in Paradise (Amsterdam) or at our next homebased FLASH PARTY 2018!

The impossible happens all the time You just have to believe that it can!