White Party Weekend 2018 stands under the motto of Empire , specially of the biggest empire in antiquity, the Roman Empire, which has been the big ideal of all subsequent empires. Don’t miss the unique occasion and come together at the leading gay party of Switzerland to celebrate the big White Party Empire in the heart of Europe! Welcome to the 2018 White Party Weekend.

A sensational spectacle full of laser shows and light effects as well as a gigantic LED wall, a vocal life show of JASON WALKER , one of America\'s most successful singers, and outstanding tunes and rhythms produced by the world-renowned DJ Producers JOE GAUTHREAUX, SURI, GUY SHEIMAN, KARL KAY, SAEED ALI well as DJ Ricardo Ruhga, DJ Jordan Rag, DJ Tyra Starlight and Allysson Luis. Of course you will have also the pleasure to see the choreographically perfect performance of the famous Angels Dancers, 12 boys of truly imperial beauty and grandeur.

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