▪️ Eversend is a French Dj and producer who began his career in 2011 playing techhouse music at the famous “After Rouge” party in Paris. In his first years as a DJ he was already playing at famous parties in France such as “Redlight”, “Badaboom”, “La Nuba”, “Theatre Rouge” and “Pigallion”.

▪️ In 2017, he fell in love with the Brazilian rhythms and created his new style without losing his identity and European references.
His own unique style brought attention to one of the most famous gay clubs in Europe, “Gibus Club”, where he became a resident in 2016.
His undeniable success gave him a new residency- this time at the biggest gay party on Sundays in Paris at the “Le Grand Hotel”, where he had the opportunity to share the stage with the biggest names of the Circuit Scene and had been embraced as one of the biggest and most talented DJs of France.

▪️ The exotic mix of a French DJ playing with the Brazilian style won over a lot of fans in South America. In 2018, less than 2 years after he embraced his unique style, his international career started and he was invited to play at the biggest gay pride in the world: São Paulo Pride.
That was only the beginning.
Eversend is now a very well known DJ at the LGBT scene and he is touring all over the world.
Along with his connections with his Brazilian fans, he played in several countries such as United States, Switzerland – Portugal , Croatia, Malte, Poland, Spain, Belgium, Chile , Colombia, Argentina, Dubai, Netherland, Mexique, Usa, Mykonos, Costa Rica, Germany & Italy

▪️ Since the pandemic Eversend has not let go, he has done 3 remixes in collaboration with Tony Deluca & Aurel Devil for Ben Bakson, Melques Viber, Baez & Nikki Valentine & one own production with Elias Rojas & Tony Deluca