DJ Sharon O Love

Sharon o Love

[fbshare]Sharon is fast becoming renowned across the European circuit, a few years ago Sharon realized that if she wanted to play for the boys, she had to play like one of the boys. She turned her attention to working for some of the most prestigious gay clubs/events across the UK, Europe and Mexico, and from then a Circuit Boy was born, only this was a little different. Sharon’s set raises the roof every time, each set is unique to the floor in front of her. The reason Sharon is fast becoming a well know name on such a large scale globally is because every minute of her set comes with energy, warmth, love, humor, appreciation and respect for those who believe in her and give her the opportunity to share a bit of O LOVE. Sharon O Love’s music feeds the SOUL… invite her to share this with you and many others on the dance floors across the world.


DJ Juiceppe

DJ Juiceppe[fbshare]The world was literally at his feet, when his project SIKK and its massive tune „My washing machine“ captured all international club charts and star DJs such as DJ HELL, TIGA, PAUL VAN DYK, PETE TONG, SATOSHIE TOMIE, JOE T. VANELLI, RALF and many others gave their full support by intensively playing the just mentioned hit during their own sets.

In order to prove his ability, JUICEPPE and his formation SIKK get the opportunity to remix MADONNA’s track „Get Together“, which in a wink of an eye conquers the top 5 of the official MTV DANCE CHARTS. And exactly that same production gets crowned as the best mix ever on MADONNA’s website!

Since JUICEPPE knows how to productively implement his precious time, he joins with national biggie DJ ANTOINE to record two singles, which will be published on DJ ANTOINE’s platinum album „2011“: BLACKBERRY and PARIS, PARIS. The album develops through the hit singles „Welcome to St. Tropez“ and „Ma Cherie“ to a worldwide charts striker.

In the meantime even YVES LAROCK and his world hit „Rise Up“ feels attracted by JUICEPPE’s voice and gets him into his studio to lay his voice on future hit „Strange World“.

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DJ ajaxx

[fbshare]Driven by the energy of parties from all over the globe his sets contain a mix of progressive and tribal house beats with some tech-house elements.

Since 2007 ajaxx played at all kind of parties and clubs such as Selection Stuttgart & Zurich, CSD-Trucktour, Club Rage Zurich, Zurich Pride Festival, Club Aaah! Zurich, Jungle Lausanne, White & Black Party Zurich, UC Frankfurt, Canal Pride Amsterdam, Club Fuxxx Amsterdam, Arosa Gay Skiweek and many more. Since 2008 he is also the Resident DJ for Flexx Party.

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DJ Wollana

DJ-Wollana[fbshare]Als djwollana alias Erich Neuenschwander gegen Ende des Blütenmonats Mai 1966 das Licht der Schlagerwelt erblickte, stand gerade „Aba heidschibumbeitschi“ in der Version von Peter (dem Grossen ) Alexander ganz oben in den Charts. Ein gutes Omen wie sich später zeigen sollte.

Der inzwischen legendären und überaus erfolgreichen Lollipop Schlagerfiesta blieb er bis heute treu und durfte unter der Leitung des Schlagerhofzeremonienmeisters Beat Schaub zusammen mit seinem Alter Ego dj Partner Rolly grossartige Erfolge in der ganzen Deutschschweiz feiern.

Dazwischen durfte er aber auch seine zweite Liebe zur aktuellen Pop und Dancemusic immer wieder unter Beweis stellen, regelmässig etwa an den ebenfalls legendären, sonntäglichen Sundaytrash Partys in der Laborbar.