DJ Jesus Pelayo

Madrid based Jesus Pelayo defines himself more as a musician than a DJ, although he has been DJing for friends in small and medium size parties for as long as he can remember.

His experience spinning for large crowds has been enriched playing every year since 2011 on a float during Madrid Gay Pride parade, an event attended by hundreds of thousands of visitors. He is currently one of the resident DJs at Kluster (Madrid) and member of the DILF USA roster.

2015 was a turning point of his career, after being selected for the XXVII edition of REAL BAD, the main closing event at Folsom Street Fair in San Francisco. The extraordinary outcome of his 9 hour set in one of the most renowned circuit parties triggered a successful international career. It was such a success that the REAL BAD committee has invited him back to spin for the first half of the 30th REAL BAD anniversary in September 2018, being the only DJ in history to spin twice at this event. 2018 will also be remembered as the year of his debut at the main floor in the legendary LIFE BALL in Vienna.

The list of events Jesus has spun in is remarkable. Just to mention a few parties and clubs like Twisted (London), POSH (Beirut), Hydrate (Chicago), Pitbull (Vienna), Big Muscle (San Francisco), Men2Men (Rome),  Maninfest (Mexico), Pitbull (Toronto), DADDi (Dublin) and many more.

As a DJ born in private events, for him a close contact with the audience is vital. With a strong musical background, his vibrant, versatile sets, full of energy and upbeat tunes range from mellow styles like Trip Hop and Deep House, up to darker Tribal and Techno beats, always keeping his personal touch with strong vocal and funky components. He chooses his appearances according to feeling. No weekly residences, no obligations, so that each gig is prepared meticulously. The outcome: custom-made music sets and an excited audience.

… and the best is yet to come…

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