DJ Jesse Jay


Do you knows the feelings like thisone u feel when u drive Deeply in the Track „DJ..DJ…all your sound seems the same to me“?
Being suddenly taken into a round, remarkably awakening of passion, …our party passion, soul carrying voyages… , heart spaces creating horizons and feelings to music/sexy! fantasies arise got, seldom since quite a while.

That is how Jesse loves to feel when he is giving himself to the music and this is how he passes on his sound and the emotiones to the crowd, embracing with his radical sensitiveness.

Jesse grew up in his contagious party senses at the individuality-reigning, going mad and „we are family“ philosophical, legendary Clubs like Aera, Labyrinth, SpiderGalaxy, Take A Dance, Hermetschloo and Dachkantine.

At Radio Lora he plays each two weeks since 15 years at Galaxy Space Nights 6 hours long, deep-tender holidays of the mind with his timeless, surprising choice of pearl-tracks, heartful and at the same time porno stories, seamlessly woben with his distinctive DJ’s skills. He gives the same dimension of importance to play at the beginning, as a main act or the outro since 1997. A loyal Vinyl Lover, equally pleasuring with the CDJ.

Do you know the feeling of an unconditional, passionate music trip, too?