DJ Angel O. (CH)

DJ Angel O.DJ Angel O. was born on the 1977 and he got a wonderful birthday-gift: His mother is a fan of every kind of music and listens to it the whole day – and so did little Angelo. No wonder he already became a DJ even if he didn’t even know the meaning of the words “Disc Jockey”: At the age of 6 he already sat in front of the recorder and “mixed” his own “demo-tapes” – with only one record player, one song after the other. When he got 9 years old, he bought his first vinyl. Angelo plays for his guests and not for himself – he plays always for his audience. Nothing brings more pleasure to him but seeing, how his guest dance and celebrate to his music and so, over the years, he’s got the right feeling for playing the right music at the right time. “I play every kind of house music; from calm sounds to Deep House and big beats to “Big Room House”. I’ve got everything”.

But he isn’t a DJ that plays only charts: “the sounds they play on the radio charts I don’t play. But I know that my guests like it, when they recognize certain songs. If my guests feel comfortable, I do.” And the guests seem to like it: DJ Angel O. was one of the few Swiss. “This gig was one of the highlights in my career as a DJ”.

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